Customised solutions

with optimised processes the maximum success for your company

Customised solutions

From customer-specific product development, through intelligent C-part management, to customer-specific logistics. We help you to optimize your processes and save costs.

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systematic sucess

We help you in optimizing your processes, thereby saving costs and operating even more successfully on the market. Our expertise ranges from customer-specific product development and logistics to intelligent C-parts management. The following applies: digital and technically state-of-the-art and always one step ahead.

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We adapt our article labels individually to your requirements. If required, we also implement the standards "Barcode-39", "2D-DataMatrix" and "ANSI-Code" on your specific labels.

    your benefits:

  • Codes as required
  • cost saving
  • Additional information (e.g. quantity)

our logistics systems

As individual as your company

Our innovative logistics solutions guarantee planning security. They prevent impending delivery bottlenecks and save costs on balance. The various modules are tailored to the needs of your company and sustainably improve your production processes. And you? You can take care of more important things.

    your benefits:

  • higher productivity
  • safety stock
  • adoid delivery bottlenecks
  • reducing your storage costs

Application interfaces (EDI)

always informed thanks to electronic data exchange

On request we implement your specific application interfaces. Via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) we digitalize all common business processes, from order receipt and order confirmation to shipping notification and final invoice invoicing. We transmit your data in the usual exchange formats such as CSV, TXT, UN/EDIFACT, XML.

    your benefits:

  • Process optimization
  • data exchange at any time
  • Efficiency increase


bundled - set - go!

We provide a bundled set of Components and parts, that are needed for the manufacturing of a product or an assembly. This way another cost- and time intensive process can be skipped and increases productivity.

Quota and framework management

We analyse your needs

We analyse your requirements planning and create individual delivery schedules tailored to your needs. By bundling recurring annual requirements, we help you to place manufacturer quotes. In this way you save costs and resources.


We pursue quality

We consider the complete traceability of a batch to be important and have long since made it a standard for us. Manufacturer information, such as date code, batch and LOT/batch, are transmitted digitally to the logistics system. This enables us to track delivery routes and maintain a high quality standard. On request, we can show existing additional information on our shipping notifications or customer-specific article labels.

    your benefits:

  • quality assurance
  • Traceability of each batch

long-term storage

delivery bottlenecks are a thing of the past

Of course we also take over the stocking of discontinued (EOL) or modified components (PCN) so that stocks are secured and supply bottlenecks avoided. Our information management keeps you "up to date" with certainty. Our modern warehouse meets the high quality standards for electronic articles, so that risks due to electrostatic discharge (ESD) and moisture sensitivity levels can be excluded in our entire supply chain.

Technical Service

Our special support -guaranteed "from person to person"

Sometimes you can't get anywhere with product development. This is usually due to limited resources - be it manpower or know-how. In such cases, a network of experts who also think "outside the box" and contribute the necessary expertise can be a blessing. Together with our manufacturers, we provide you with an effective team. This team accompanies and supports you in the development of your application, UL and VDE approval, second sourcing, right through to release by your quality assurance department. Professional, target-oriented and trustworthy. Contact us - we will be happy to arrange a personal appointment. Translated with (free version)

our partners

Manufacturer of electromechanical components, pin/socket connectors, IC sockets, wire-to-board, cable assemblies

Manufacturer of electromechanical components, connection and modular terminals, printed circuit board terminals

Manufacturer of passive components, inductors, resistors

manufacturer of optoelectronic components, LED's, LED displays, optocouplers, LCD displays

manufacturer fuses

manufacturer cooperation of menges group, switches, customized inductors

Manufacturer for battery, accumulator, charger and LED lights as well as customized battery, charger and power supply solutions

Leading manufacturer of high performance alkaline batteries, special cells and accumulators

Global brand manufacturer for batteries, accumulators, chargers and LED lights

    your benefits:

  • integration of specialists
  • motivation of your development teams
  • Know-how-Transfer

Process control with Kanban

In the continuous production of articles with a low number of variants, the Kanban method quickly ensures improved productivity. In this context, supply security is particularly important, because our Kanban process has an additional interface "safety stock", which also takes effect in the event of unforeseen reorders. From forecasting to the scheduled dispatch of the required goods, we put your value chain on a secure footing.

Customised solutions with optimised processes the maximum success for your company

From customer-specific product development, through intelligent C-part management, to customer-specific logistics. We help you to optimize your processes and save costs.learn more

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