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Our article search helps you to analyze your article requirements and to shorten delivery times. In cooperation with our distribution partners and our optimized warehouse in Dortmund, we supply you more than 1.500.000 items within 3-5 working days. - Ask for your current requirements. We will gladly provide you with an individualized offer. Learn more about our menges articlesearch

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the benefits lie in our network

You save delivery and working times and make controlling easier because you get everything from one source. The fair prices are adjusted to your quantities and always up-to-date.We deliver more than 2.000.000 articles in the shortest possible time, from our optimised warehouse in Dortmund.

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  • Directsearch without registration
  • Unparalleled article and brand diversity
  • Over 2 million articles
  • Daily updated article stocks
  • Articles always up to date
  • Only one creditor: simplefied Controlling
  • Everything from a single source

Also on the go

Quickly check the availability of an article in a meeting? The menges article search is conveniently possible from all devices.

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Analyze your inquiry file conveniently in Excel format - our system automatically checks delivery times and possible alternatives according to your requirements.

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